Illusia Background

Illusia was formed long ago by unknown magic or it has been lost to time. In the last four hundred years the monster population has grown out of control there are monsters that are not in other worlds due to some of the uncontrolled wild magical nature of Illusia.

The guild was formed to train, license and regulate the Adventurers of the world in order to control the monster population.

The world is composed of three layers, the surface world, the skylands, and the underdark. Most of the civilized people life on the surface world.

The surface world is comprised of 5 continents Elmdor in the west, Locanthor in the east, Frezregar in the north, the Minnows a chain of small islands between Locanthor and Elmdor, and Auras the great desert in the south.

Elmdor is the largest continent it is also a single kingdom of 23 provinces, ruled from the capital city of Valenus. This is also where the Adventurer's guild main hall is (though the training facility is in the mountains). The guild is responsible for regulating and hunting monsters down to protect the populated areas.

Locanthor in the east is a continent of forests and feylands, home of the Elves, Gnomes and many other wonderous creatures. An untamed land of jungles and forests the Adventurer's guild has little presence here as most of the population live in seclusion.

The Minnows is a chain of thirty nine islands of varying sizes. Pirates, sea monsters, giants, elementals, and a myriad of humanoids (including some humans) reside on the islands. They are some of the wildest and most untamed lands in Illusia.

Frezregar the northlands are mostly mountains, glaciers nd frozen tundras. The last stronghold of the old Dwarven Kingdoms (and the hidden city of Kelz'Mendik) few people have the desire to live in these lands though it is populated by villages of humans, dwarves, orcs and all manner of other creatures.

Auras is a vast desert believed to once be the home of a vast empire now it is home to blue dragons, some monasteries and a smattering of villages around oasis.

The skylands are thousands of islands at varying altitudes. Most of these lands are entirely unexplored only recently are they reachable via Airships.

The floating city is a vast floating city that travels above Illusia, no one has ever been known to return from the city and no Airship goes near it. There are several reasons, one is because its so fast none can catch it, another is that it is protected by magic (scholars suspect a wall of force surrounds the city). A couple of adventurers have tried by using teleportation magic, they were never seen or heard from again.

The underdark is even less explored than the skylands. Very little is known except the adventurers who have gone and return tell of vast cities belonging to Illithids, Beholders roam the rocky lands, powerful dragons hold court and around every corner lurks danger.

Illusia Background

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