The Village of Embra

The village Embra has been suffering terrible attacks by Goblins for several weeks. The raids have become more bold in recent days, they have lost three villagers and an unknown number of horses, 
dogs, cats, livestock to the creatures.

Embra is located in Antari Province (Prov. 7) it is a small village. Bordered on the east by the Dagger Spine mountains, to the west is the Southern Del'Nethan coast into the Amagoza sea.
To the south is the city of Cadria and the Shattered coast, where north is the city of Sin'Laye. The Cadria river runs right along the village with the Del Road on the west of the river. 

Embra numbers in a few hundred people but it is not large enough to merit placement on the standard maps, it employs a around fifteen guardsman under the command of the Constable Burik Ruthforn.
The Mayor of the village is Asha Korse' she is a half elven woman from Fallingmoon City far to the east. 

The province was founded by the Antari Family about eighteen years back on a grant from Duke Adgar Del'Neath who owned the land and sold it to the Antari family. Currently no one lives in Embra from the Antari
they all live in Cadria the capital of the province. The provincial governer is Harak Antari he is middle aged at 43 and a shrewd businessman but he has little time for Embra. The primary export of Embra
are pelts, skins, and fish from the Cadria river. Originally there were designs on mining in the Dagger Spines but the mountains have proven a bit too dangerous to venture into though some Dwarven
companies have tried.

Skyships do not travel to Embra there is no Skydock, but they do dock in Cadria where a river boat can be taken upstream to the Village it takes about a day by boat or three days by horses. The Del Road
runs from Del'Neath City all the way to Cadria so a carriage can be taken part of the way in a day and then a half days ride or a days hike will get you to Embra village west. The village has the misfortune
of being too far from the road, too far from the mountains, and close to a river no one uses much since the advent of Skyships. 



The Village of Embra

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