Pantheon Official – The 7
Tempest the Storm – Neutral – Deity of Nature, Time, Magic, Weather, Elements
Auria the Judge – Lawful Neutral – Goddess of Law, Death, Codes, Honor, Order
Azzaburus the Lich – Chaotic Evil – Monsters, Destruction, Chaos, Undead
Foria the Bard -Chaotic Neutral – Goddess of Luck, Wishes, Love, Freedom, Festivals, Music
Xoria the Huntress – Chaotic Good –  Goddess of Rangers, The Hunt, Tracking, Harvest, Hope
Cosmus the Paladin – Lawful Good – God of Paladins, Sun, Life, Peace
Viklarion the General – Lawful Evil – God of War, God of Assassins, Merchants, Coin 

Tempest was the first Deity of Illusia said to have been granted power by the Mad wizard and creator of Illusia. It once presided over all of the divine realm but ascended two Adventurers
many thousands of years ago and shared great swaths of its power with them. Auria was granted power over the side of Law and Azzaburus the side of Chaos.  
Tempest watches over time and protects it from being tampered with, in that it's priests keep the calendar. It is also the overseer of Magic, Weather
Nature and the Elements. Tempest is neither male nor female and instead is just a whirling vortex of elements. Followers call it the Storm.

Auria, the first goddess and counter to the first God Azzaburus. Was raised to power by Tempest thousands of years ago. She was a powerful Cleric who served as a Judge over 
trials near the end of her time. Tempest shared with her his power and ascended her upon death, in order to make her able to continue as a Judge. She presides over
Death sending her Angels to collect the spirits of the dead and bring them to her divine court to be judged and sentenced to their afterlife. 

Azzaburus, the first god raised by Tempest was granted power by Tempest over the realms of Chaos. Azzaburus a wicked, self centered and terrible Mage in his time. Azzaburus proved his
worth as a god to Tempest by obtaining immortality as a lich. Tempest was impressed as the overseer of Magic and decided Immortality was too great a power to be held in the Mortal realm
as a reward to his wit and cunning Tempest ascended him and gave him power over Chaos.

Foria was Azzaburus' first Ascension. She would sing ballads to him as the god of Chaos, he fell smitten with her and brought her to his realm. Azzaburus saw his love for her as a weakness
so he purged the part of himself that loved her, that power was given to her as a final gift when she Ascended. It gave her power over parts of the chaotic realm of Azzaburus. She commands
Luck, Wishes, Hope, Freedom Festivals and Music.

Xoria (Foria's sister) was ascended by Azzaburus upon her death at old age. She would sacrifice her kills in his name, as the greatest hunter in Illusia there were a lot of kills. Once again
Azzaburus fell smitten with a mortal though he thought he had removed that part of himself. He found it was more of an obsession with her than gifts of power to him than true love, so once again 
he cast off what he saw as weakness which Xoria absorbed. Kinder than her fickle sister Xoria moved to the far part of the Chaotic realm watching over her once beloved friends and hunters.

Cosmus was Auria's first Ascended being. She waited much longer than Azzaburus to ascend her first mortal. Cosmus was the greatest king Elmdor had ever known a beacon of good for his people
slaying an evil Dragon and saving his people from utter destruction. He sacrificed himself in Auria's name on the field of battle trying to protect the women and children of a small village.
Auria's angel arrived to take him away and he begged the Angel to leave him and save the innocents, the Angel was so moved by his plea it stepped into the Mortal realm and saved his people. When
Auria took him to be judged she saw in him the good that she knew the people who followed her needed to see. She cast off some of her powers over the Lawful realm and granted that to Cosmus,
his first act was the raise the dozens of Paladins who fell with him from Judgement to become Angels in his court with the sole mission to help those in times of dire need.

Viklarion was Auria's last Ascension and in her view her greatest failure. A General to the Elves Viklarion was a great tactician and a devout follower of her realm. Auria saw in him a chance
to give the people of Illusia a military tactician and great General to follow in order to avoid war. She ascended him and he showed how obsessed he truly was with war, he had no interest in Peace
instead bringing more people to war than before. Auria cast him out of her halls and he resides on the opposite side of the Lawful realm from Cosmus. After a few years Viklarion found that 
Merchants also admired his abilities. Viklarion is known as the General but among his followers he is known as the ultimate truthkeeper, he honors his word but believes that the only truth in
life is power, usually gained through material wealth.

Tempest decreed no more could be ascended to the level of the 6. Instead they would be content with sharing their own power with Angels and servants. Drawing their power from followers in the Mortal realm
the powers of Law are at constant odds with the powers of Chaos. Since Tempest draws its power from the very core of Illusia it will always be the most powerful, the others gain their power
only from followers. They are generally equal but occasionally one god or goddess will win a major victory over another and take a part of their power this is usually temporary. The best example is when 
Cosmus' followers convinced many of Viklarions followers to shift sides giving him enough power to battle Viklarion in the Divine Arena for the powers over Peace. Cosmus won the battle and now tries to 
spread the word of peace which directly opposes the powers of Viklarion and his powers over War. 


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